Landscape Design

Initial Visit & Consultation
After contacting us we will arrange an initial visit to discuss your landscaping. At this first meeting we will discuss all of your requirements including the budget for the project. This will form the agreed brief which we will work towards during the designing process.

Site Survey
An accurate survey of the project is required before any design work can commence. This is usually undertaken by ourselves. For more complex sites, a registered land surveyor will be consulted. A site survey shows the building, all surrounding boundaries, existing features and levels required for the subsequent preparation of the landscape design.

Outline Plan/Masterplan
The landscape design consists of a coloured Outline Plan (or Masterplan for larger sites) together with 3D computer models and perspectives to give you a clear impression of how the finished project will look. Mood boards can also be produced to give further pictoral aid to the proposed design. This documentation acts as a discussion forum allowing us to present our ideas and talk you through the design concept. At this stage any small adjustments or amendments can be made before drawing up the final blueprint for the landscape design.

Layout Plan/Construction Drawings
The Layout Plan incorporates any amendments agreed with you and is the plan from which the project will be accurately costed, set out and finally built from. Construction drawings of specific garden structures, water features or hard surfaces will be required and will accompany the Layout Plan.

Planting Plans & Schedules
Once the design is agreed with you a Planting Plan is produced showing the location and spacing of plants, both new and existing, in the area. This Schedule consists of the plant names, sizes and quantities, and is used for costing and ordering.

Planting & Maintenance
SJM will source and supply all materials, plants and trees for your project.
We also offer a maintenance and aftercare package tailored to fit your requirements.

Design Services List
• Full Garden Design Packages
• Planting Plans
• Irrigation Plans
• Drainage Plans
• Garden Lighting Plans
• Tree Surveys
• Root Protection Surveys for developers/architects

Awards and Accreditations